Couvreaux needed a new website and brand identity that would help it establish the company as a fast growing, niche California winery.

Couvreaux is an award-winning California wine producer located in the San Luis Obispo area of Central California.

Optimyz designed and built a new website that captured the flavor and essence of the brand.  The focus of the home page was to promote the company’s awards, something rare for a recently launched company.

To highlight the uniqueness of each wine. we created individual stories for each bottle that include a unique story about how the wine was grown so that it would produce the final taste. In addition, personal anecdotes from the winemaker and recommendations of food pairings were included for each bottle.

The website included an online wine store so that both individual bottles or full cases could be purchased for shipped direct to the buyer. The website was built with WordPress and ecommerce functionality used Woo Commerce.


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